The Globe Power Difference

Our innovation starts with the Globe Power company itself, having a unique business model that combines cutting edge generator and battery design and manufacture, under the one roof. Disrupting typical design boundaries promotes lateral thinking and creativity – in the renewable energy space especially – Globe’s forward focus.

Designed and engineered by an Australian team, all Globe products are tried and tested in the most challenging conditions and remote locations – from the Middle East, to China, to the Australian outback.

Lithium ion green energy powered by renewable sources such as solar and wind, drives Globe’s market first innovation. Globe are on a mission to provide reliable and customisable renewable power products, with advanced design principles that increase efficiency, flexibility and durability, and reduces running costs.

In partnership with high-quality parts suppliers, such as CATL and VOLVO, customers experience lower down time and increased operational efficiency through our market leading products, and benefit from our world class, in house technical support and service.

Australian designed and engineered
comprehensive green energy solutions
Advanced innovation in power
Customised to suit industry requirements

“Globe Power proudly designs and produces innovative products which give our clients the edge and value-added benefits, in an increasingly demanding market, to deliver cost savings.”

tim helfers -
managing director

The power of innovation

Advanced renewable and diesel power, battery and micro grid product solutions


Globe Power products are designed with the end user in mind and fully customisable in order to meet the demands of varying industries.

Australian designed and engineered

Globe Power products are designed and manufactured at the research and development head office in Perth, Western Australia, which boasts a highly skilled design and engineering team. Meet our Leadership team.

Tim Helfers

Managing Director

Clinton Phillips

General Manager


Engineering and Design Manager

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